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About Mikemordis?

mikemordis education centre came into existence as a result of the education vision given to the director and proprietress elder and deaconess michael mordecai and joy jaja in the year 2000 in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

mikemordis education centre was born in rivers state, it was official opened in september 1st 2014 and began its first class in january 2015 with creche, preschool kindergarten and later expanded to grade-school. (primary) and secondary in september 2015.


everything done in mike mordis education centre is done for the sake of the total and personal development of learners, physically, morally and spiritually. consequently, we have been offering a unique blend of curriculum that will enable easy transition of our learners from preparatory to kindergarten and from year 1 to 9 education anywhere in the world.

School Rules & Regulation 

  • 1, Resumption Day

  • It is mandatory for all learners to report in school on the first Day of each term and after midterm breaks.

    The period of Absence shall determine the type of punishment to be met on any defaulting learner.

  • 2, Language of Communication
  • Be it known to all learners that English Language is The Lingua Franca (Official language) of our nation Nigeria. This school teaches English Language among other subjects and do encourage her learners to write and speaking of Pidgin (broken) English or vernacular is therefore prohibited.


  • 3, Offences 

  • the defaulting learner punishment such as grass cutting, canning, suspension or any other form of punishment that shall be determined by the school authority subject to the gravity of the particular offence like Bounds breaking, Loitering + bulling, Extortion, Fighting, Cheating, Stealing, No wearing of ear ring, No use of cell phone within the school, Insubordination to constituted authority, Indecent dressing or using mufti to school or during any official occasion, Throwing of litter carelessly

Mission & Vision


I am smart, I am special, I am blessed, I am a God fearing generation, I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me, I respect myself and others, My words and actions are  kind and honest, I am compassionate, I care about others, I am proud to be part of Mike Mordis Education Centre So help me GOD.


 is to established quality education to our beloved students and to provide them good and moral practical training in information communication Technology content and other academic aspect..



Mikemordis Education Center
Mikemordis Education Center
Mikemordis Education Center